Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ispahani: We are from outside

Mirza Abol Hassan Ispahani was Pakistan's first Ambassador to the U.S.A.  In his letter to Jinnah, dated September 19, 1947, he encloses "for your private information, copy of the speech that I shall deliver at the time I present my credentials" {to the President of the United States}.  Here is the text of the enclosure.

Mr. President:

As the first Ambassador of Pakistan to  the United States, it is my great privilege to present to you, Sir, my Letters of Credence, which open a new chapter in the relations between the East and your great country.

Pakistan came into existence, just like her neighbour, the Dominion of India, as a result of the recent partition of British India.   We are, Mr. President, a new country in name, but old in history, tradition and culture.  Ours is an ancient race, akin to your own.  Our forefathers, like yours, came from the steppes of Central Asia and the Caucasian mountains.   In one of the great movements, which from time to time, changed the history of mankind, our people moved South and East and set up an empire in the fabled Indies.   After several centuries, renowned throughout the world for their glory and culture, the sceptre passed, less than a century ago, from our hands, into those of the British.  Now again, our people stand free and independent in the territories where, once more, our national flag flies high, a guarantee of brotherhood and justice for all who live under its protection, and for all who bear it true allegiance and good faith.

We shall endeavour our utmost, Mr. President, to develop and maintain friendship and collaboration with every country which is willing to reciprocate equally and frankly, our cordial sentiments, and with none more so than the United States, to whom I have the honour, as Ambassador, to bring the sincerest greetings from my Government and my people, and from the father of our Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohamed Ali Jinnah.

* * *

From M.A. Jinnah - Ispahani Correspondence 1936-48, Edited by Z.H. Zaidi, Pakistan Herald Press, Karachi, 1976, #346, pages 526-527.

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